Lights, Camera, AI-ction!

Hello Creators!

We're excited to announce the Project Odyssey AI Filmmaking competition co-organized by Civitai, ElevenLabs, ThinkDiffusion, and Realdreams, with sponsors such as Morph Studio, LensGo, Domo AI, Leonardo, Neural Frames, Deforum, and more.

Our goal is to unite creators, communities, and companies across the industry to push the boundaries of the medium, share your epic creations with the community, and wow our expert judging panel for over $28,000 in cash, credit and prizes! 

Launching starting on June 17th and running until July 15th, you'll be challenged to make a:

  • 3D Animation: A short stylization of a 3D Render made by community member Enigmatic_E (IG: @enigmatic_e)
  • Music Video: A music video or visualizer made with AI video and music generation tools
  • Open Format: Narratives, Experimental Art, Movie Trailers, or anything else
  • Behind-The-Scenes video: A showcase of the tools, workflow, and hard work you put into your 3D Animation, Music Video, or Open Format submission.


Here's a tutorial to get started in the 3D animation category:

Grab the files down below!

This ComfyUI metadata file lets you integrate the depth map and open pose clips, which are provided from the competition. [ Will generate faster ]

This ComfyUI metadata file creates depth maps and open poses on the fly each time you generate. [ Slower generation, but simpler to set up ]

More tutorials and workflows

Head straight to learning specific techniques and tricks in our extensive and growing library of tutorials, helpful for our music video and open categories.

Stable Diffusion tutorials for creators
Learn how to use Stable Diffusion’s latest capabilities with Automatic1111, ComfyUI, Fooocus and more

Stable Diffusion 101

Learn Stable Diffusion step by step in a structured way with our free course. It's a great way to understand the fundamentals so you are empowered to go and start breaking the rules!

Getting Started With Stable Diffusion
A quick way to get to know Stable Diffusion

More Open Source Resources

Looking for the flexibility, control and fine-tuning of open source without having to deal with all the installation or hardware requirements?

No problem! In addition to our free trials, we're offering an exclusive 50% promotion for participants , so if you'd like to prefer to render using ComfyUI/A111 in the Cloud or use a plug and play style transfer workflow, we have options for everyone.

Sign up now and be notified when the competition goes live on June 17th (when we release more details on prizes, rules, and submission) at 

We'll be updating this post with more info, tutorials and resources so check back often.

We can't wait to see where your Odyssey takes you!